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Here at Premium Supply, Transit, and Dumpster we have a variety of Organic dumpsters from 10 - 20 Yard Capacity that can handle all types of jobs.


Dumpster rentals are priced for a 1 Week Period (7 Days)

You can use the dumpster for longer if necessary there is a 10$ per day charge.

Organic Dumpster Prices

10 YD - $225

12 YD - $250

15 YD - $300

20 YD - $350

What Can I Put Into an Organic Dumpster?

- Grass Clippings

- Brush (Sticks, Grasses, Plants, Flowers Bushes, Ect.)

- Leaves

- Wood Chips

- Logs

What Items are Prohibited?
These items are not accepted at the transfer yard and will be charged per item if found in the dumpsters

- Garbage of Any Sort

- Concrete

- Asphalt/Millings

- Dirt & Mud

- Stone Material

- Stumps

- Treated or Painted Lumber


Feel free to download a copy of our Dumpster Rental Disclaimers that will explain rules of delivery and a list of prohibited items

(Click the Premium Logo to download the PDF.)

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