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Premium carries a variety of block and pavers.
We sell Keystone Bauer and Unilock.
Below you can find what we currently have in stock.
Not finding what you are looking for? Call us and we can order it for you! 
Delivery is available upon request.  
Verazzo Single-Split

Colors: -Onyx/Toffee -Sandstone/Brown -Sandstone -Ruby/Onyx -Onyx/Natural

Verazzo 6" Corner Unit

Colors: -Onyx/Toffee -Sandstone -Onyx/Natural -Sandstone/Charcoal -Sandstone/Brown

Universal Cap

Colors: -Onyx/Toffee -Sandstone/Brown -Ruby/Onyx -Sandstone -Onyx/Natural -Sandstone/Charcoal


Colors: -Sandstone/Brown

Colonial Wall

Colors: -Sandstone/Brown -Onyx/Toffee -Ruby/Onyx

Country Manor Cap

Colors: -Sahara/Brown

Compac III 3 Plane Face

Colors: -Sandstone/Brown -Sandstone -Ruby/Onyx

Compac III Straight Face

Colors: -Sandstone/Brown -Sandstone/Charcoal

Compac III Victorian

Colors: -Ruby/Onyx -Onyx/Toffee -Sandstone/Brown

Country Manor Firepit with Round Insert

Colors: -Ruby/Onyx -Onyx/Toffee -Onyx/Natural -Sandstone/Brown

Colonial Wall Firepit with Square Insert.

Colors: -Onyx/Natural -Ruby/Onyx -Sandstone/Brown

Ledgestone Coping

Colors: -Buff -Grey

Ledgestone Closed End Coping

Colors: -Grey -Buff

Fullnose Standard Classic

Colors: -Dark Charcoal

Fullnose Standard Double Face

Colors: -Dark Charcoal

Pisa Coping

Colors: -Sierra

Pisa2 XL

Colors: -Sierra -River Blend

Brussels XL

Colors: -Sierra

Brussels Standard

Colors: -Sierra

Brussels Half

Colors: -Sierra -Sandstone

Brussels Dimensional

Colors: -Sierra -River Blend

Estate Wall 6 inch Corner

Colors: -Sierra -River Blend -Granite

Estate Wall 6 inch

Colors: -Granite -River Blend

Estate Wall 3 inch Corner

Colors: -Sierra -River Blend


Colors: -Burnt Clay -Old Oak -Basalt -Burgundy Red

Holland Premier

Colors: -Mocha -Dark Charcoal


Colors: -Steel Grey

Beacon Hill Smooth

Colors: -Fossil

Beacon Hill Endura

Colors: -Riverblend -Walnut -Sierra

Bristol Valley Bavarian Blend

Colors: -Bavarian Blend

Verazzo Pins
Shouldered Pins
Straight Pins
Snap Edge
Snap Edge Spikes
Tite-Bond Glue
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